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En Pursuit: Samuel L. Jackson’s “Blame” [Powerful Video Pre Martin/Zimmerman]

With all that is going on, I hope this calm yet stern message makes you all think. Its pretty funny to see Samuel L Jackson in any serious role due to his previous acting gigs but this one in particular sits very well with me. We often look towards outside forces to calm our conscious about the mistakes that we make. We also often fail to realize that our actions are specifically of our own doing. Now, hardly ever is one faced with numerous life or death situations where they decide to take the worse route when there are 2 roads to take. I think we should all take a step back and just think to ourselves every time we try to assess any of our personal situations with negative implications.. Who is to blame? Is it the millions of other people and factors that  exist in our lives? Or is it as simple as just blaming yourself?



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