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¥€$ or NO? Jordan Brand Spring Releases

With the month of February 2012 being one of the hottest Nike/Jordan release months in years, we wonder what else is there to come from the Jordan brand this year. Well we have a couple releases for the last week of April and Month of May. With these release we ask would you give them a ¥€$ or NO

April 21, 2012
Coming Out tomorrow is the so expected Jordan 12 “Playoffs” these have not been rereleased since 2004, 8 years of anticipation and they are back. These Jordan 12s with the retro color way, an all around color, Black and Base White, with ascents of Varsity red. These are sure to be a sell out once they hit online midnight and stores Saturday morning. But are these for you, a ¥€$ or NO?
May 5, 2012
The month of May for Jordan release beginnings with a highly anticipated low top 11. Jordan low top 11s have not been released since 2001, with the snakeskin color way, CRAZY!! Jordan now will be releasing, in my opinion one of the “Kicks of the summer”. This will be a all white shoe with the famous patent leather, the Soles of these 11s however will not have the ice gum bottoms, they will come with the red bottoms. These are not a retro from the past, but a great color way from the Jordan brand. Will you give these a ¥€$ or NO on May 5th? border-width: 3px; border-color: black; border-style: solid;
May 12, 2012
 Jordan 4s “Cavs”, this release information just hit, after anticipation for these shoes. These will be a quickstrike, Limited Edition sneaker to commemorate the Famous Michael Jordan Shot over then Cleveland Cavalier Craig Ehlo, in the 1989 Play Offs. This shoe is a great color way with the Old Skool Cavs colors. It looks like a great grade of Material as well. These Jordan 4s being so memorable and a collection piece for the actual Michael Jordan fans, not just sneaker fans, would you say ¥€$ or NO?
May 19, 2012
To end the month Jordan brings the Jordan 12 Cool Grey/ Team Orange, these will come with a nubuck cool grey body, and white base, with team orange ascents. These will be a different colorway for the 12s, but do you give these a ¥€$ or NO?

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