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Visual: Best Sh*t You Never Saw- Kendrick Lamar and HiiiPower

RubyHornet dives into Kendrick Lamar’s record, ‘HiiiPower’ [Off his mixtape titled: Section80]. Its kind of crazy how Kendrick has evolved from the young K. Dot. Through his music and interviews, we can see that he sought out for knowledge and understanding of the world. For him to say that he never read books or was intrigued by history in his youth yet he still crafts records of such understanding of society shocks most. A true testimonial to the belief of knowing where you came from in order to know where you are about to go. Kendrick set out to know the names of Huey, Malcolm, Garvey, and Fred Hampton. With the knowledge gained he was able to create thought provoking sound.

Grab a book. Grab Section80. Grab some understanding.

HiiPower – Kendrick Lamar


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