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Life + Times x Made In America x Welcome to the Future… Again

Jay and his creative force have been busy these past few weeks. From the rumors of the title and the confirmed planning of Young Hova’s 12th studio album to the two day festival in Philadelphia in September. I must say this summer will be a wild ride for the Roc Nation Socialites. My guess is that Jay Z will begin a contemporary display of the young ambitious American people trying to come up just as he did. I personally anticipate that Made In America will highlight those of a bright future. Similarly to how Steve Jobs shed light on the Crazy Ones, Made In AMerica may very well be another spark in the new wave of our modren ‘Crazy Ones’. I would say that in this particular field of social and pop culture it’d be fit to say this is the emergence of the ‘Creative Ones.’ This certainly should be quite interesting. Regardless grab a look at these 2 clips. Of course the teaser for the WTT visual and also this clip on the Life and Times titled Welcome to the Future… Again.



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