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Enrty 2 – The Silver Lining Series: Defeat & Final Defeat

Far too many times do we let the misfortunes of one goal or task set the tone for the overall picture that we aim to seek. Like most of these accomplishments that we witness today, be it in the gadgets and the tools that we use to ease our lives or the success that we see in other’s spotlight, we often misconstrue the perfect end product as a result of a one time attempt. In real life situations it is very rare to come across these good fortunes of “one trial to fruition.” It is very important that we as young innovators, ‘influencers’, ‘doers’, and entrepreneurs take heed of the misfortunes in every failure or defeat, map out ways at which we can avoid them, and press on. In these times the approach to everything is exactly like F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” Chances are if you do, you will never make any motions toward maximizing your very own potential.


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