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First Play: Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange

By now, I know you have heard the album. Highly anticipated by the masses our ears have been blessed by what some would debate to be the hottest R&B album of 2012. Awkwardly so as some would take notice to the timeliness of its release and how it may put a few of its listeners in their feelings. (Completely taboo for the summer time I would say or at least the college kids would agree.) Regardless of this we come across an album remarkably crafted to soothe the ear. I personally enjoyed its product value from beginning to end on the basis of its overall production; lyrics, flow, sound, & engineering. Very creative Mr. Ocean. His ability to create an album that flows so smoothly from track to track is certainly a highlight in this. That as well as him giving quite a few of its listeners an appeal that recalls emotions of a love or attraction once felt. You also can’t fail to mention all of the retro references with this piece.  The only negative reviews come from the basis that some believe that Frank Ocean’s announcement of his sexual orientation was a ploy to sell records or build interest. Be it as it may, you cannot deny creativity and good work. The album is a killer debut.

Favorite tracks: of course the newly mastered ‘Thinking About You’, ‘Super Rich Kids’, ‘Monk’, ‘Sierra Leon’, and ‘Sweet Life.’ Cannot wait for it to come out on vinyl (7/17) [for obvious reasons LOL]


Until then, download your copy here::: [Channel Orange]

Check out the [performance] he had the night of its release. Excellent. Aided by The Roots, Frank brings his emotion and heart to the stage in his first ever live late night performance.


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