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Visuals: Lola Monroe – Goldie Remix

Now… Who here remembers Angel from that December issue of King Magazine? Well I certainly do. Striking resemblance here? Not at all. Lola Monroe, or to some ‘Angel’, has been rumored to have breached into the arena of hip hop. Making it now officially known to most as the female sound for Taylor Gang, Lola Monroe leaves us with this. I must admit although I do want to claim that I hear Nicki Minaj in her tone, her rap ability compared to Ms. Minaj of today I would assess as a threat in the industry. With the backing of Taylor Gang’s head honcho Wiz Khalifa, I’m more than certain that Lola Monroe may deliver the people something to fill in the void that records such as ‘Star ships’ may have created.(or maybe just deliver us from its God awfulness as a whole)

I wont necessarily claim that I am a fan just yet. Am I intrigued by Lola? Yes. As a woman in the genre she got something people can work with in this industry. Time will tell before we can truly size up this new player on the board.

At least she doesn’t sound like a schizophrenic in her flow


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