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Local Blog Bite: Formaggio Pizza

My personal experiences out here in Columbus Ohio as far as the late night food availability has been so-so. Other than local college town eats, a gyro or what they call ‘Street Meat’, and of course the McDonald’s late night menu, there really is not that supreme late night snack. The ‘NYCA’ in me (s/o to Stevie Crooks) has had me longing for that dollar slice spot in Columbus. New Yorkers feel me on this one; That corner spot where you can find some nice late night pizza. Unfortunately for me I know of only 3 in my immediate area. Formaggio Pizza on East 13th Ave, as one of them, has quelled my desire for this. Offering a nice little deal with their dollar slices, they provide you with the nice alternative for those other slightly played out menus. Open from 4pm to 4am, you can grab a full pie, a Stromboli, bread sticks, garlic bread, and even a drink as they have a fully shelved bar on their second floor.

Now this by no means is a classic NY Pizza Pie, but for what it is this is probably the best you can find in Columbus on a late night. Check out their site, follow them @OSUFormaggio


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