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Quick Peek: Apple’s iOS6

With the new iOS6 operating system for iOS based devices getting ready to roll out, I believe it is now time for us at CMG to give you the run down of how the Beta testing has gone thus far.

Before we start, let me first say that the device that I am using is the iPhone 4G by Apple. This review will solely be based upon experiences with the iOS6 Beta on this device. What does that mean? iPod Touch users may want to take this with a grain of salt. Your device may be able to do far less than what mine can. iPad users be weary as well. Revert back to the WWDC- Apple Developer’s conference notes to see what your anticipated capabilities are as well. Now as far as you iPhone 4s and you iPhone 5 faithfuls? Pay close attention as you are guaranteed to have AT MINIMUM what I am about to tell you.

Home Screen:

Already fresh off the install we are able to see major changes in this iOS 6 update. For starters on the home screen you will now notice three things. The minor of all three is the new look for the ‘Maps’ application. There also is no longer a dedicated application for YouTube and there is now a new application called ‘Passbook’. According to the tech chronicles, Apple and Google’s partnerships on the iOS platform have since lapsed in contract therefore the maps and YouTube app are no longer Google based. (Some call this non-sense as many of us have seen the tension rising between the two tech power houses over copyrights on their respective devices).


Thus far for the iOS6 Beta 4 update we have still a non-functioning passbook. This is very depressing to me because the capabilities of this application are amazing. Boarding passes, tickets, store cards, gift cards, and coupons will all be streamlined into one program thus allowing you to consolidate your app space and more importantly your wallet. I personally have been longing to use the boarding pass function to swipe onto jets. Too often do I fumble around with paper passes and the current applications provided by airliners are sub-par and inconsistent.

Apple Maps:

The new Maps I would have to say at this point has a lot of positive notes as well as a few pitfalls. Integrated with TomTom for turn by turn navigation on 4s and 5, and traffic updates the new Apple Maps in its Beta 4 stage is an ‘OK’ alternative to Google maps. Right now for me in Beta its pretty unstable, there is no turn by turn navigation for iPhone 4 users, and the native Public Transportation schedules are no longer available. I will not lie but for the sake of the consumer, I miss my Google Maps. Although I do like the GPS capabilities in Apple Maps which allows for you to point and direct yourself when on foot, I feel as though the loss of a map with included PT times is going to hurt those big city commuters. Positive note, the map looks GREAT. A far better and more colorful feel than the previous native map application. You also have the ability to link up with a printer and print out directions for those who rather have them at hand for safer navigation.

Also now integrated with Maps is yelp to provide a business card type feel to many of your known and searched businesses. In addition to address, and push to contact, this also provides you with pricing, reviews, and photographs of the places you search. Pretty nice if you ask me. Only pitfall right now: Still glitchy. What more would you expect from a Beta. Expect this to reign supreme upon final release.

Do Not Disturb:

A lovely feature I will say. Do Not Disturb works perfect. This is an option you can set on your device which will completely shut down any and all phone calls and push notifications from buzzing up your phone when busy or when you are trying to sleep. You can manually set this or have it on a timer preference. You have the ability to also edit the preferences which will allow ‘VIP’ contacts to still filter through if you desire for them to. You also have the choice to set your device to allow calls to come through if someone calls you a second time in the span of 3 minutes just in case of a possible emergency or a really important call.

The App Store:

App Store has now been entirely renovated. One of my favorite add-ons is the fact that if you now visit a website on your device that has an application, you can just tap and download. Makes things a lot easier. Now you will be able to know when your favorite sites create mobile apps to facilitate and enhance your experience. App store is more organized and user friendly in finding apps that cater to your mobility needs.

Facebook Integration:

Kind of like how the Android Phones synced your Facebook calendar and your contacts, Apple has done the same.. In a less disorganized manner. Now you can easily do all your ‘facebooking’ via your iOS device. This includes tap to post and HD video uploads!


Lastly here is a quick breeze-through a couple of interface changes.

Full screen web browser.

Music has been given a new face.

Tap to tweet in the drop down menu.

So far are you impressed? Needless to say iOS6 will be a heavy hitter once all functionality is granted on the iPhone4, 4s, & 5. Siri on the 4s and 5 will be absolutely incrdible with iPhone x Siri x Hands Free Car integration. Her answers and question abilities will also be greatly improved.



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