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Visual: Watch The Throne Documentary

Watch The Throne Documentary from haute chicago on Vimeo.

Here is a brief documentary on what went in to create the classic ‘Watch The Throne’. To most hiphop-philes, and GOOD Music/Roc-A-Fella faithfuls, this can only bring chills down the spine. Just to watch the way at which Jay-Z and Kanye West pulled together to deliver this project is a bit surreal. It is funny to see how Kanye West was just a regular producer searching for a plug to infiltrate the industry back in the early 2000s. From there fast forward to the random cameos in ‘Izzo’, then onto his debut video of ‘Through The Wire’ in 2003, and then his skyrocketing success up from there. Jay-Z speaks on his success in the video and you can truly catch a glimpse of the brotherly relationship that Kanye spelled out to us in his ‘Big Brother’ record. Grab a quick look at this. For me it was like watching how history happened.

Personally I also could not help but notice the great strides that African Americans have made in the history of music. Think back to 1950s when artist like Otis Redding (who respectfully so was the leading single for this album) only got mainstream exposure for their music by writing for the likes of Elvis Presley. Now flash forward to this. A room filled with people waiting to be a part of something epic spearheaded by 2 major historical figures in the music industry both African American. This definitely is something great. I feel like how my uncle probably felt when Thriller came out… Him being the Mike Jackson stan that he is..

Jay-Z: “I think that’s what you want to know.. That’s the shit that people really want to know. I want to know what the fuck they was saying while they were making Thriller in the studio…”

Kanye West: “You heard all the Mike stories.. about him wanting to be the best and shit. And how long he’d be working on it?.. Thats the conversation we having.”


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