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Is Kanye West Dressing 2Chainz?

Image2Chainz has been receiving a lot of buzz lately in the hip-hop world. 2Chainz recently dropped his latest album “Based on a tru story” last monday and performed at the Newport in Columbus this past July. The southern MC was recently signed to Def Jam and has joined forces with probably the dopest team in the game G.O.O.D Music. However, immediately after 2Chainz got signed I noticed a dramatic change in the way he dressed and you have to be blind to have not noticed. He went from wearing simple off the mannequin at Macy’s fashion like Polo, Tru Religion, Prada shoes & tacky ass shamballas to Versace, Gucci, Cavalli, Gold & expensive furs in a very Kanyesque manner. It is proven Kanye West is a very fashionable guy & maybe the best dressed in the hip hop game. To add everybody in G.O.O.D music is pretty fresh as well & 2Chainz’s previous attire wouldn’t have made the cut. Kanye seems very hands on with his artist and may have given Tity Boi’s wardrobe a push in the right direction. After the jump is picture of 2Chainz before G.O.O.D music at the BET Hip Hop Awards.



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  1. 2Chainz A.k.a Titty Boi 🙂 iLOVE YOU

    October 3, 2012 at 9:31 AM

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