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En Pursuit: Used Kids Records. Columbus, Ohio

Many would claim that CDs are a dying format. Many of us have also heard artists such as Pharrel make the claim that the iPod and MP3s have been the root demise in the music industry. Sadly the numbers do confirm this. Not uncommon is it for most music listeners and audiophiles to get their favorites easily off the internet before and after their releases. Many of us have since left behind the physical aspects of our music. Leaving only the die hard fans making physical purchases in support of their favorite artists.

Although with the slight disappearance of the classic formats, there still is a small ‘cult’ of people who still buy into the classic appeal. Many Vinyl record shops have since closed their doors due to the lack of customers. For those who made it out of those dark ages, there seems to be a slight increase of intertest in more recent times. Shops like Used Kids Records in Columbus Ohio have been able to maintain and keep a small following.

Located at 1980 N. High Street in the heart of Ohio State University’s main strip, Used Kids Records has brought to the city the classic formats. For me personally, prior to living in Columbus Ohio I had only 2 or 3 vinyl records in my ‘collection’. Having found this jewel of the city I have since then expanded my collection to include many of the classic Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul records. Stacked with the likes of Ghostface, Nas, Jay-z, Nat King Cole, Raekwon, Lionel Richie, and Barry White just to name a few. With their frequent restocks and 20% off every monday sales, Used Kids bring the classic ‘snap, crackle, pop’ that many of us know and some have come to love. Check them out.

The Hip hop and R&B selections are marvelous. The Rock and Roll selection? Stacked with classics! You can find you favorite hits and samples here. Price range on these records? Aside from the Classic Orignal releases that true audiophiles stan over, you can pick up anything from 1-25 dollars.

My personal favorite come ups at UK?
1) Purple Tape 2 – OB4CL by Raekwon. (actual purple vinyl)
2) Lionel Richie’s Solos
3) Kanye West’s MBDTF
4) TP’s TP
5) Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable (And his greatest hits)
6) Rick James’ Cold Blooded
7) Common’s One Day It Will ALl Make Sense
8) Jay-z Black ALbum
9) Nas Illmatic
10) LL Cool J’s BAD


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