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Kid Cudi – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

I will say this, Cudi is 2 for 2 as of recent when it comes to his visual work. This here is the official video for Teleport 2 Me, Jamie off of the WZRD album. The visuals on this are unique in that you do not see this psychedelic appeal too frequently. Granted that the genre of this album can promote that feel a little bit easier than most, we often times do not see videos that are near perfect in their visual interpretations of the mind and emotions of the artist that we hear today. Instead we are regressing towards a more basic look. Although that approach is of course less time consuming and cheaper to produce, artists still need to keep in mind that every project must be cared for as if it is their last. That is the ideal source in the drive for visual master pieces to complement the music. Directed by Walter Robot.

    Also look at Kid Cudi’s other recent release “Just What I Am” featuring King Chip:

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