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Drake – 5AM in Toronto


Totally speechless… Drake just spazzed. Some one wake up Pusha T.. He just silenced the Lambs.

Niggas make threats can’t hear them over the laughter – Drake

he part I love most is they need me more than they hate me, so they never take shots. I got everybody on safety! – Drake

I made Forbes list nigga , F*ck your list, everything is looking gorgeous. -Drake

Give these niggas the look, the verse and even hook.. thats why every song sound like Drake ft. Drake – Drake

Without me rap is a bunch of orphans, but if I stay it’s a bunch of corpses. – Drake



Audio: Drake x Dawn Richard – Where Were You

Ahhhh yes.. Something new from Drake’s dark deep crevasse.. Or where ever the hell he has been.

Audio: Aaliyah Ft Drake – Enough Said

As we all know, Drake has been given the opportunity to produce an Aaliyah project. Of course a lot of conflict has come up from this. Many believe Timbaland deserves such rights. (I would agree but at the same time I cannot even play funny. Drake does have the ability to put forth some ill projects.)

Well I guess its time to put Drake to the test. Grab a listen of the first release from this posthumous project spearheaded by Aubrey Graham. To be upfront, it is by no means what some of my age group would call an Aaliyah record. I think the best interpretation would be for me to say that this is more so a Drake record with a strong Aaliyah influence. Time will tell how this will play out.

Side Bar: Remember when we all got up in arms when Eminem produced Pac’s album? Yea… I do.

Audio: Rick Ross x Wale x Drake – Diced Pineapples.

MMG Warner Group doing work once again.. Wale once again with his marketing ploy. He is like the R&B rapper. Can’t even hate, move with what works. This is probably one of the better releases for the up and coming album “God Forgives, I don’t” by Rick Ross. Grab a listen. This one is definitely for the ladies. Drake on the hook, Wale to set ya mood right madam.

Hit the link. We do not condone leaks as such.. [Plug for the Feds]

Diced Pineaples via UHTN

Audio: Chris Brown x The Game – I Don’t Like Remix [Drake Diss]

So CBreezy takes to the ‘Dont Like’ instrumental to voice his disdain for Drake.. I honestly am not sure what to think about this one. I think its best that I refrain from telling you how I feel actually. I’ll let you draft up your own unbiased opinion on it… I’d just love to see a Drake response..

Audio: 2Chains x Drake- No Lie

[Quick post] This is  fire. Check it out. Click the [Link]

[No Lie]

Sorry its clean!